Our Funky Disco Home

Our Funky Disco Home

In 2022, my husband and I (and our five boys) purchased a new home in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The home was beautiful, perfect location and exactly what we looking for except for one thing-it was not our style. 

I have spent the last three years in therapy learning who I am and discovering all the things about myself I had left behind as life kept moving forward. I forgot how I loved bright colors, glitter and disco balls. When I say I "love" these things, I mean LOVE these things. They bring me joy.

I went from living in a black and white world to living in FULL COLOR.

My new found freedom and remembering of who I really am led my husband and I to try out something a little new. We decided to take our new, white and gray home and use it as a literal canvas. We enlisted local artists from Hightail Creative Company in Tulsa and let them paint murals throughout our home while we spent our time planning and decorating. 

Pretty soon, a post of our home went viral and local news stations began showing up. Today, we're giving you a sneak peek.

For more pictures and videos, be sure to check out my TikTok channel. 


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